Trade Show Advice: Plan an Educational Conference in Milford

There are a lot of advantages associated with planning a business conference in Massachusetts. It can be a huge benefit to a growing business and an excellent way to establish yourself as an industry leader. Whether you simply want to host a business seminar in Milford, MA or would like to plan a larger weekend-long event at a local conference center, it pays to be organized and to learn all that you can about planning professional events.

Trade shows come in all shapes and sizes. They can focus on a small group of paid attendees between 50-100 guests, or they can be much larger, attracting hundreds of industry leaders and newbies from across the country. Depending on your goals and your target audience, you will need to find a conference center in the South Coast area that has enough space and all of the amenities required to suit your needs.

Choosing the Right Venue
Start by getting a “guesstimate” on the number of attendees that you will be inviting and then figure out how much square footage you will need for all of the tables, booths, seminar areas, and networking space during the conference. For example, when you contact The Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, our on-site event coordinator will provide you with details regarding the number of persons who can occupy the space in our ballrooms during your event. Smaller groups will still often rent the entire space, using different meeting room areas and spaces for meetings, exposition space, or refreshment areas.

You will also want to make sure that there is enough on-site parking for you and your guests. A big drawback from the large cities in New England is that there never seems to be enough parking. Finding a location that is a little off the beaten path can have its advantages. The distractions in a big city like Boston can prevent attendees from showing up for seminars, workshops, and showroom floor features, reducing the impact that your event will have upon representatives from industry businesses. Make sure you do everything you can to keep the focus on your event and encourage as many attendees to be present during presentations.

Picking the Best Date
Another important aspect of planning a successful business conference in Massachusetts is in finding the best date for your gathering. Avoid three-day weekends with holidays, religious holidays, family holidays, the start or end of summer vacation, and any particularly busy times of the year for your industry. For example, you wouldn’t call a conference for the heads of professional package delivery companies like UPS and FedEx during the height of the holiday shipping season. Take a look at your calendar and then contact the conference center to find out when the best time is to host your educational industry conference.

The times that you choose for your seminars in Milford, MA will be important as well. Don’t start too early so that your registered attendees will have a chance to get to the location. The Crystal Room Conference Center is located just a minute off the I-495, making it very convenient to your guests no matter where they are coming from in the South Coast area. Schedule in restroom breaks, refreshments, and make sure to serve lunch if you will be keeping everyone throughout the day for meetings, seminars, workshops, and other on-site events. An end-of-event dinner is also highly recommended. This can be a sit-down meal or buffet-style. The goal should be to create a networking opportunity for guests to mingle, discuss what they have learned, and get to know colleagues within the local industry.

Get Quality Volunteers
Don’t just bring in a couple of people from your office team. Make sure that you qualify the volunteers for this event and bring in intelligent individuals who will be able to make registration and organization of the overall event a breeze. Work with your team ahead of the event to go over goals, ideas, schedules, and requirements for exhibitors, attendees, and guest speakers. Everything will not go 100 percent smoothly and by the book – just know that in advance. But the more planning that you do for your educational industry conference and expo, the easier it will be to bounce back if something does go wrong. Stay in contact with the event coordinator at the venue to ensure that there are no miscommunications about set-up, outside vendors, and scheduling.

Contact the Crystal Room Conference Center
If you are planning to host a business conference in Massachusetts, consider holding your educational industry conference or seminar in Milford, MA at the Crystal Room Conference Center. Our recently renovated and beautifully appointed facility has all of the amenities, audio-visual equipment, space, and extras you could ever need to host a successful conference. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 and speak with our on-site event coordinator to schedule a tour of our facility or to find out more about the conference center and everything it has to offer.