Union Meetings and Events at a New England Conference Center

Union Meetings in New EnglandMembership meetings are important to the overall success and positive support of a union. Regardless of the industry, a professional business meeting should be a place for members to get information, cast votes, and come together for a common cause. It can help members to attend and see that they are not alone in their concerns or problems. The solidarity that can come from a successful event at a meeting room in Milford, MA can help to bolster participation and support for many months.

It is also important to create a meeting format that will allow you to engage with your members. Choose a quality location for your meeting or business conference in Massachusetts that is convenient and central to where your members live. Use this opportunity to your advantage and ensure that leaders attend to answer questions, share ideas, and get to know members at the New England conference center. Break away from the traditional meeting format to create a new and dynamic approach to hosting a monthly, quarterly, or annual union gathering.

What Type of Meeting?

The first thing you will want to determine is the type of meeting that you will be planning. Is this a monthly union meeting, a quarterly board of directors gathering, or a union-wide annual event? Make sure to choose a venue that will hold all of your members. Sometimes monthly meetings only require a small space, while quarterly and annual events need room for more members and representatives. Identifying the type of meeting will help you figure out the approximate number of guests to make sure that there is room for everyone.

Even monthly meetings that draw smaller crowds can benefit from the use of a meeting room in Milford, MA. Getting everyone away from the job site to a place where they can feel comfortable and talk openly about issues is a big plus. Restaurant meetings are not as beneficial. For one, they can be noisy and distracting, keeping everyone from really discussing the most important topics. They can also make everyone feel like the meeting is too “public,” as there are other patrons running around the restaurant who might overhear the meeting.

Setting Goals

The best way to measure success is to set goals and achieve them. If you only get the same 20 members to show up at your meetings, have a goal to increase that number in attendance. Encourage those who regularly attend to bring a co-worker with them. Let them know about your plans for the next meeting, the new venue at the New England conference center, the topics that will be discussed, and the genuine need for increased participation. Perhaps you can invite a special speaker, provide a Q&A session with union personnel, or use this as an opportunity to talk about future plans and ideas. Whatever you do, just make sure that it stands out from what you normally do so you can attract a larger crowd.

Other goals can be to increase active voting, survey participation, and pride in membership. While some members are proud to belong to a union, you may have some that begrudge monthly union dues and don’t think the union does anything for them. A business conference in Massachusetts that addresses these issues is just what you need to turn things around for morale. Show members what you do on their behalf, lay your cards on the table about what’s going on in the union and provide them with reasons to get involved. When done right, you just might pick up a few new job stewards or volunteers for future events.

Location, Location, Location

Just as having the right location for a store is important to the success of a new consumer-based business, finding the right location for a meeting can boost your attendance. A quality and reputable New England conference center will draw a lot more members than the corner diner that you’ve held meetings at for 20 years. Offer refreshments, use technology for presentations, really make this into a professional business meeting that will cause members to stand up and take notice. Choosing the best meeting room in Milford, MA is important. Take time to plan the meeting effectively, and you will get out of it everything that you put into it.

Schedule a tour of The Crystal Room Conference Center and see all of the options and amenities for yourself. We have plenty of free on-site parking for your members and in-house catering options that can be used for refreshments or meals. Our on-site event staff can help you plan your union event, offering seating suggestions and ideas to help you maximize the return on your investment. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to schedule a tour or to speak with one of our representatives about your ideas for a local union meeting or conference.