Using an Off-Site Location for a BOD Meeting in Massachusetts

bod-meetingOne of the best ways to maximize the potential of your next board of directors (BOD) meeting is to plan it at an off-site location, such as a conference hall rental or local meeting and conference center. Nearly all management teams in the United States spend at least one to seven days each year away from the corporate offices on business, spending hundreds of millions of dollars each year on off-site trips for planning a board of directors meeting. If you are thinking about moving your next BOD meeting from the board room to a meeting room in Milford, MA, make sure to consider The Crystal Room Conference Center for your business affair.

While many people naturally assume that an off-site trip to a meeting and conference center is nothing more than a golf outing or a sight-seeing trip, the truth is that most off-site conference hall rental events are very strategic and helpful to the future success of the business. The various meetings, activities and interactive experiences that are planned for these events provide many positive results for those who are participating and attending the meetings. Strategically planning a board of directors meeting at a local meeting room in Milford, MA can be a great way to get involved in the process of the meeting, overseeing everything from the conference hall rental to the catering during the event.

How an Off-Site Meeting is Different
Just the idea of leaving the office and having everyone meet at a different location makes a big difference in the way that everyone approaches the meeting. When you host your BOD meeting at a meeting room in Milford, MA instead of in a board room in Boston, you get peoples’ attention. Choosing a conference hall rental that is different from your home office, yet has all of the familiar amenities and extras that your board members have come to expect, can help to shake things up a bit and get everyone on their toes.

After a nice drive away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you and your colleagues get a chance to remove yourself from the situation at hand – from all of the distractions that are present in the day-to-day operation of the business. In fact, studies show that driving away from the office to a meeting and conference center in a different location actually helps board members to look at the big picture, rather than remaining focused on little issues. Gaining the ability to peer a few years into the future can help everyone to think about what lies ahead instead of focusing on current obstacles that are in the way.

Organize Your BOD Meeting for Success
Another great way to maximize the potential of your next board of directors meeting or corporate event is to be organized in your efforts. When planning a board of directors meeting, it is key to create a schedule of events, a list of things that will be discussed by the board members throughout the day. Make sure to include any audio-visual equipment that you will need in your list of questions for the venue’s event planner or coordinator to ensure you don’t forget anything important. Ask which features are included with the conference hall rental and which things you will need to pay extra for during the event.

Your schedule should be loose, providing extra time for board members and other employees to ask questions, get answers and discuss hot topics at length. You want to have a guide so you are able to keep on-track and ask the questions that need to be asked or provide the information that is requested. Make sure to schedule in breaks every couple of hours or so to allow attendees to take a bathroom break, get some refreshments, smoke a cigarette or check in with personal calls and emails. If lunch or dinner will be served, make sure to go over all the details with the venue’s event coordinator at the meeting and conference center to make sure that everything is taken care of as planned.

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