What Should Be Included in a Greater Boston Mini Expo Event?

Greater Boston Expo VenuesWhen most people think about attending an expo, they often think about the very large events that attract thousands of people from all over the world. However, many industries are now seeing great success with the idea of a local “mini” expo experience designed to attract 100-200 individuals. Expo planning tips in Massachusetts for a mini expo event are somewhat similar to the much larger convention-and-expo type gatherings but on a much smaller scale. A conference hall rental is still required that will have ample space for a showroom and seminar or workshop area. If you are searching for a Greater Boston conference center that is well-suited to this type of event, consider The Crystal Room Conference Center in Milford, MA.

Choose a Topic

While gigantic expos will often feature seminars, workshops, and representatives within a wide scope, a smaller event is a great opportunity to focus on something more specific. Think about a market that garners a lot of interest, yet is underserved within the industry, and you just might have a winner. Once you know what you want the focus of the event to be and pick a maximum number of attendees that will be allowed into the expo, you can start to work on budgeting and picking a venue.

Create a Budget

Even small events require budgets to make sure that there is enough money to pay for everything. Consider all of the things that you will want to include, such as the rental of the Milford conference hall, any refreshments you wish to serve, any audio visual or tech equipment that you might require, and any other extras that come to mind. Search online for expo planning tips in Massachusetts that would include a list of possible expenses that must be considered. If you are outsourcing speakers or presentation experts for the seminars and workshops, make sure to include that in your budget as well.

Get Some Sponsors

Small events can benefit from having a few primary sponsors to help with the costs. Consider several levels of sponsorship with different incentives attached. For example, a major event sponsor who contributes the bulk of the funds could be a “platinum” sponsor and receive top billing in all marketing, advertising, and on-site signage. Include a free expo booth in a prime location, as well as other opportunities for co-sponsoring activities, parties, and events during the gathering. Other sponsors could get similar incentives on a smaller scale, including free banner advertising on the event website, flyers in the SWAG bag handouts, and discounts on booths during the expo.

Secure the Venue

As soon as you have a budget worked out and know when you want to host the event, go ahead and secure the venue. Work with the facility to determine the best time for your event, taking into consideration holidays, busy wedding seasons, and other potential obstacles. Once you put down the deposit for the conference hall rental, you can start promoting the event. Try to give yourself a couple of months to drum up interest so you can make as many attendee ticket sales or reservations as possible. Showcase all of the features in the local area, such as convenience for accessing the Greater Boston conference center from airports and interstate highways. Include a map and focus on trying to draw in registrations from the Rhode Island and Massachusetts area.

Hire the Vendors

Any additional vendors that you will need to hire for the event at the Milford conference hall should be contacted right away. Speak with the on-site event coordinator at The Crystal Room Conference Center for information on pre-vetted and approved vendor lists for local services and criteria required for hiring other outside vendors. If you want to serve refreshments or need technology equipment for your event, speak with our staff about including these options in with your estimate. We provide catering, audio visual equipment, and other professional services in-house to help our clients save time and money when planning an event at our popular Southeastern Massachusetts event center.

Create a Schedule

Make sure that you establish a solid schedule for all of the things that will occur at your mini expo event. It doesn’t matter if you are doing a one-day or multi-day event, the better organized you are with your scheduling, the smoother everything will go during the expo. Contact all speakers, presenters, and vendors ahead of the event to make sure that there are no misunderstandings and that everyone knows when they need to arrive.

Contact The Crystal Room Conference Center by calling 508-478-7800. We can schedule a tour of our venue, provide you a FREE estimate for a conference hall rental, go over options for creating a custom expo planning solution, and answer any questions that you might have. If you are looking for a well-appointed Greater Boston Conference Center, look no further than our Milford conference hall.